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Celebrating Your Academic Achievement Despite the Sorrowful Situation

by Ashton Kennedy 30 Apr 2020

The coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise at the beginning of 2020. With thousands of lives being taken, and infecting millions of people across different countries, the globe has been into a total lockdown for almost two months now. And this may continue throughout the entirety of 2020 because of the absence of a vaccine.

This is why a lot of establishments such as malls, churches, supermarkets, casinos, and others are closing down. But the most crucial of them all are schools, which put millions, or not billions of graduating student’s in the waiting line until the pandemic will subside.

Too Early to Abandon All Hope?

It can be deeply saddening to spend years of learning your preferred course, only to be ruined by a global pandemic. The feeling of excitement of finally wearing that graduation cap along with your gown is lost as the coronavirus continues to spread like wildfire as time goes by.

It’s truly a tragic moment for senior students at both high school and college levels. It now feels like a dream walking towards the stage as you receive your diploma with cheers from everyone. And waiting for 2021 can be a tad daunting, especially when you’re just staying at home with nothing to do as cities are still in total lockdown for a moment. 

For the Sake of Everyone’s Safety

But keeping negativity aside, closing schools is actually a good thing to keep every student safe. Do keep in mind that the coronavirus can be easily spread from one person to another just by physical contact. And thinking that graduation ceremonies are composed of large amounts of people contained inside a single establishment, canceling such commencement exercises is the right move made by the government. 

After all, it’s not better to risk your life to be in a crowded place as the coronavirus is still in its active state. That’s why staying home is the better option for now as we wait for everything to go back to normal. Fret not our dear graduating students because that diploma is just around the corner, only a little delayed for a period of time.

Bringing Positivity About Your Academe with the Help of Lights

There’s no denying that we miss school. We miss our friends, teachers, organizations, and clubs. But what better way to fill that void is by the help of light decors. You can revive the spirit of your school at the heart of your home with lights.

With color light decors, you can decorate your room to resemble your school’s atmosphere. Let these lights shine while you sleep and embrace the improved ambiance of your room that takes you back to the days where you are sitting on your desk.

You can also decorate your room, just like how your dorm looks like at school. With only a few little arrangements here and there, and of course, with light décor, school is never far away from your heart. Never underestimate how light decorations can turn a room into a different scenario. 

Host a Graduation Celebration Party with Your Family 

Who said that you couldn’t enjoy the moment of academic success even on quarantine? Of course, you can! Get the pasta ready, refrigerate the desserts, and put up the balloons and celebrate an impromptu graduation party with your family.

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having a celebration. Let your success do the talking as you party your way towards greatness. Of course, a party is never complete without decorative lights that set the mood. So grab those light decors you have and put them around the living room and dining area. 

It’s never too late to have an advanced celebration of your academic achievement. Even though your fellow graduating friends can’t come over, your family is here to help you celebrate the moment. So prepare a lot of dishes, host some parlor games, or karaoke all night until you drop as you belt those high notes like no other. 

HLO Lighting: Your Trusty Companion for All Your Lighting Needs

But wait, where can you buy these light decors, you asked? There’s only one trusted choice, and that’s none other than HLO Lighting. Here at HLO Lighting, we have tons of light decors for you to choose from, all ranging from different designs, bulb sizes, and colors.

Speaking of colors, you can choose one that resembles the color of your school, just like we mentioned earlier. We also have accessories such as light clips to keep the hassle away while decorating such lights. At HLO Lighting, we got it all for you. Don’t let the school spirit fade away just because of a pandemic. Set it on fire again and keep it alive with light decorations here at HLO Lighting.  

So if you haven’t got one just yet, there’s no better time than today to get your very own decorative lights here at HLO Lighting. Keep in mind that there may be delays in shipping depending on how strict the lockdown in your location is. 

It’s Going to be Worth the Wait

For now, our health should be our top priority over everything else. Let the news reports be an eye-opener for you how deadly the coronavirus is to encourage yourself to stay at home. Spend time with your family, do something productive, and be vigilant in times of trouble. Don’t forget to pack some alcohol, hand sanitizers, and tissue paper too.

Graduation commencement exercises may be canceled for now, but it is undoubtedly going to be worth the wait once the pandemic is over. And I’m pretty sure that you will hug your fellow graduates once you see each other again during the ceremony next year. 

So do yourself a favor by staying at home and staying safe with your family. And of course, keep the spirit of school burning inside your heart with the help of decorative lights from HLO Lighting. Relieve every memory and cherish the moment one bulb at a time.

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