Q: What size bulbs should I purchase?

A: The type, size, and style of holiday lights you decide to purchase is typically based on a decision of preference. We offer an array of different size lights and accompanying stringers. A growing trend happens to be a throwback to the classic larger style bulb known as the C9. This so happens to be one of the best selling Christmas lights that we offer. Please refer to the "size chart" found on the product detail page of the lights you are browsing.

Q: What are LED lights?

A: LEDs, or (Light Emitting Diodes) produce up to 90% more light than incandescent bulbs with a similar electrical current. LEDs work by passing electricity through microchips that illuminate the tiny lights we call LEDs, creating visible illumination. To learn more, you can check out this article from energystar.gov.

Q: How long do LED lights last?

A: A standard bulb has a filament that can degrade over time and burn out, but an LED is far more resistant than filament lighting. This means that HLO lighting's bulbs will are guaranteed for a lifetime of nearly 100,000 hours. That’s over 3,000% longer than a standard bulb.

Q: How much less power does an LED light use?

A: LEDs draw at least 1/10 the power of a standard bulb. That means you can decorate 10 houses in LEDs at the same power usage as one house decorated with standard lights. Ultimately, using LED powered lights will save you on energy costs.