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The All-in-One Christmas Light Clips: Your Trusty Companion for Outdoor Light Décors

by Ashton Kennedy 27 Apr 2020

Christmas season is the time for love, giving, and of course, myriads of holiday decorations that flood every house and buildings in every city. We all love bringing light to our vicinity during this season. Looking at those different light décor variations that are blinking and glimmering together are not only pleasing for the eyes, but also adds to the atmosphere as well. 

During each holiday season, we dash our way into the attic and get those Christmas décor for us to set up once again. Perhaps the most crucial one of these decors is Christmas lights. Setting up Christmas lights is easy indoors, but outdoors is a different challenge altogether. And this is where the fun begins and where the all-in-one light clips are proven to be a lifesaver. These little clips are a great companion for all your Christmas light décor needs. So what’s the deal with these clips anyway?


The Importance of All-in-One Christmas Lights Clip 

Don’t you hate when you try to hang your Christmas lights on the roof, but it won’t stay put no matter how hard you work? With the all-in-one Christmas light clips, these light décor woes will be a thing in the past.

These Christmas light clips will help your light decors to stay put in every corner of your roof. They are also easy to use as they don't require much instruction to figure out. If you want to decorate the outside of your house with loads of Christmas lights, the all-in-one Christmas light clip is all you need. 

What’s even better is that these little clips fit perfectly on C7 or C9 light stringers. This means you don’t have to worry about buying separate clips for different bulbs. From the name itself, it is an “all-in-one” clip after all. 

Using the All-in-One Christmas Light Clip

Now let’s talk about how to use the all-in-one Christmas light clips. It’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t even take a second or so.

  1. Take a C7 or C9 light bulb stringer.
  2. Insert the hollowed part of the clip on the base of the socket.
  3. Slide the clip onto your gutter or under roof shingles, and you’re good to go!

In just three simple steps, setting up your light decor is now less of a hassle thanks to these all-in-one Christmas light clips. Gone are the days where you have to use nails or giant staplers to make those lights stay into place. If you want to make things easier and convenient, these light clips are the better option. 

Get Your All-in-One Christmas Light Clips at HLO Lighting

HLO Lighting is a trusted brand when it comes to light decors and all other lighting accessories. And luckily, we have all-in-one Christmas light clips available as well.

The best part, our light clips at HLO Lighting comes with extra features such as:

  •  Flexible – All-in-one lights clips here at HLO Lighting are made with different light bulbs in mind. Thanks to its high-quality plastic build, our light clips are adjustable and can fit the common outdoor Christmas light sizes.


  •  Durable – And of course, no product is complete if it isn’t made to withstand the test of time. All-in-one light clips at HLO Lighting are durable enough to take on whatever type of weather will come in the way. This is because it is made specifically for outdoor use. This means no amount of rain or snow can take down these trusty little light companions.


  •  UV Resistant – Light clips from our competitors tend to brittle over time when left outside for too long under the heat of the sun. But that’s not the case with ours. The all-in-one light clips we have here are made with UV protection. So no matter if it’s bathed under the sun for days or weeks, rest assured that it won’t get brittle and break.


  •  Versatile – If your home doesn’t have any rain gutters. No need to worry because these clips are made to be clipped everywhere you want. Its firm teeth-like grips underneath ensure a tight hold for the rest of the holiday month. You can put it on shingles, small corners, cracks, or even thin wood, and it will still hold on without problems. 


  •  Affordable – A right product doesn’t necessarily to be expensive. Here at HLO Lighting, we believe that every product should be accessible to anyone. And these light clips are not an exception. We made these all-in-one light clips with affordability in mind. So rest assured that you won’t be ending up with an empty wallet if you choose our light clips over our competitors. 


Unleash the Spirit of Christmas

With the help of these all-in-one Christmas light clips and the myriads of light decors at HLO Lighting, you can brighten up your home that will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s the season of bright lights, after all.

Don’t you just love having people stop by outside your home as they take pictures of a magnificent façade that’s shining brightly in the night? It can be awe-inspiring to see people appreciating your hard work on putting up those light decors. Of course, this is all possible with the help of the all-in-one Christmas light clips. A small item such as these clips truly creates a massive outcome for your light décor. 

Get Yours Today

Even if Christmas is still months away, there’s no better time to gather up these little light companions than now. Hurry up while supplies last before the crowd can take over you. 

And while you’re at it, you can also explore our vast catalog of light decors and accessories that you might love. At HLO Lighting, there’s always an option for everyone. But always remember, the true meaning of Christmas starts with you. Be the light to someone when the darkest of days are up ahead. It’s all that matters. 

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