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Brighten Up Any Occasion with HLO Lighting’s Patio Lights

by Ashton Kennedy 14 Apr 2020

Whether you're hosting an outdoor party, opening up a cozy restaurant, have a romantic outdoor wedding at the beach, or anything in between, patio lights are here to brighten up every moment. Don't you just love putting up patio lights to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere? It's the perfect light décor to make every moment worth cherishing.


The Importance of Light

Lighting plays a massive role in bringing the atmosphere and brightening up the ambiance of a place. An elegant light will turn a dark and gloomy surrounding into something presentable to look and feel. Without light, not only everything looks pitch black, but the ambiance of the place will just look depressing and moody. 

We have the sun as our source of light in the morning. But when the night comes, we rely on electricity to shine our paths as darkness creeps in. That's why we have fluorescent lights to accompany our homes or businesses during the night. But aside from the usual lighting we have, décor lights are also a thing that creates a different atmosphere to one's place.


The Difference Between Décor and Basic Lighting

There's a fine line between the usual lights we put on our ceiling and décor lights that we hang on walls. First, both of them provide luminance (of course), but the difference lies in how it creates an atmosphere to one's surroundings. Core lighting provides light to the entire area. Décor lighting, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere within that area and brings the ambiance to life, making it feel more promising and welcoming. 

You can see that most establishments use a combination of the two. Both providing light into the room while making it look atmospheric and aesthetic to feel. Of course, from the word itself "Décor," its meant to be used as a decoration lighting to accompany the primary source of light that was already there. One example of décor lighting is patio lights. This type of light décor brings you to a whole new world of atmosphere that makes the ambiance of a place that might be chill and/or cozy.


Patio Lights for Everyone

Here at HLO Lighting, you can find the best patio lights at a price that won't break the bank. These patio lights are perfect for making every occasion ten times more atmospheric and pleasing. HLO Lighting's patio lights use energy-efficient bulbs so you can save your wallet from overloading electric bills. Not to mention, they are also waterproof. No amount of rain can prevent these patio lights from brightening up the mood of your backyard.  

Our patio lights come in two variants. One with a 2-foot socket spacing and another with a 3-foot socket spacing. Both options come with dimmable light bulbs that are attached to an electric cord. You can quickly dim these bulbs when they're plugged into a dimmer or a dimmable outlet. They can be tethered as well, so you can connect as many patio light strands as you want up to 40 strands (1,920 feet). These lights are also rated for both commercial or residential use! Set them up in your backyard or your restaurant/place of business. The fun doesn't stop there. Our lights are also ideal for every occasion, and we'll tackle that in the next section below. 


Great for Different Occasions

Our patio lights are suited for different kinds of occasions. Be it an outdoor beach wedding, barbecuing with your friends in your garden, or if you want an atmospheric mood for our restaurant. No matter the celebration or establishment you are in, HLO Lighting's patio lights got your back. 

Make every moment romantic as you feel and hear the breeze of the waves while decorating your outdoor wedding with patio lights. It adds to the atmosphere that makes it more pleasing and calm as both you and your partner exchange your vows. Watch your guests feel butterflies on their stomach as you kiss your partner while the patio lights shine in the background. Patio lights make everything look magical. A dull beach wedding can turn into a romantic and heartfelt memory that can make everyone gasp in awe.

Having an outdoor barbecue with friends? Patio lights will make the mood even fun and engaging. Setting up patio lights will make the party last for all night long. Eat, jive, and drink with friends as you party your way around while enjoying the smell of roasted barbecue. Set up the projector and have an atmospheric outdoor movie night and feel the serenity as you watch a dramatic movie with your friends.

Own a restaurant and want to spruce things up a bit? Patio lights got you covered. Hang them outside and watch customers storm their way in the front door. Now your business is booming thanks to HLO Lighting's patio lights. Not to mention, it also made your restaurant aesthetically pleasing to look at as well. One must never underestimate the capabilities of a patio light string. You'll never know; it is the secret ingredient for a successful business that many tend to overlook.

There's a whole lot more our patio lights can do for you. If you want to mix things for a little bit, you can also decorate your room using it or on your windows outside. You can also hang it on your front porch and let it shine throughout the night. Patio lights not only add brightness to a place, but it also creates moments worth remembering. 


Get Yours While Supplies Last

When it comes to making moments magical, that's our specialty. Try our patio lights today for yourself and experience the warmth that these lights will bring to your home. There's no time to waste because our patio lights are selling out fast. You can get yours today by ordering here on our site. And if this short blog isn't convincing enough, we have a lot of satisfied customer reviews for you to read as well. Start lighting up every moment with HLO Lighting patio lights and see the difference it makes. 

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