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Simplifying Your Outdoor Memories - With Power

by Ashton Kennedy 17 Apr 2020

We love creating moments outdoors. Be it a quick barbecue with the family, backyard party with your friends, or an outdoor projector movie night with your colleagues, there are so many reasons to love spending time outside. 

Outdoor fun won't be possible without all the necessary items we need. Electric grill for an outdoor barbecue? Check! A speaker set to keep the party grooving? You got it. Do you notice what these things have in common? That's right! They all need electricity to power up. 

But where do we get electricity outside our homes? It's not like we can plug it on the ground hoping for these appliances and gadgets to turn up on their own. And this is why outdoor extension cords exist. With outdoor extension cords, we can plug all our outdoor peripherals and get the fun started.

Outdoor Extension Cords for Every Occasion

So, where can we get the best outdoor extension cords? HLO Lighting! Here at HLO Lighting, our outdoor extension cords come in different colors and lengths. Some color choices include:

  • Black – The default extension cord color we all know and love for years. If you want to stay traditional and get that classic feel, the black one is all you need. 
  • Green – This one is ideal for the holidays. A green extension cord is perfect for this kind of occasion because it blends well into your outdoor Christmas décor. 
  • Brown – A brown colored extension cord will unleash its inner Rambo. Brown extension cords blend well with the environment, especially on wood or soil. 

These cords are all available in different lengths. Different outdoor extension cord lengths have different purposes depending on the occasion you're going to use it:

  • 6 feet – Perfect for setting up your outdoor barbecue and speakers to get that party going.
  • 15 feet – Want to decorate your front porch with patio lights? A 15-feet outdoor extension cord is all you need. This length is already enough to reach your front porch and get those lights installed.
  • 25 feet – Ideal for putting up Christmas lights outside your home. It's lengthy enough to reach the second floor of your home to get those decors light up.
  • 50 feet – The most insane length you can get from an outdoor extension cord. This length is enough to wrap up the entirety of your home and backyard. Ideal if you want to make a "Christmas Village" out of your home where you have to put up as many décor lights as possible.

With HLO Lighting's outdoor extension cords, you have plenty of options to choose from for its color and length. What's more, is that it comes with a variety of features!


Packed with Everything You Need & Nothing You Don't

These outdoor extension cords are no ordinary extension cords. It comes with features that will make it last for long and withstand the test of time.

  • 16 AWG, 3 Wire Cable – Our extension cords are safe thanks to its 16 AWG rating. A 16 AWG cable is an electrically stable extension cord. So rest assured that you won't burn your house down because of overheating when using this one. 
  • Weatherproof Vinyl SJTW Jacket – No amount of rain or snow can take this outdoor extension cord down. Thanks to its weatherproofing jacket, you can put this extension cord even when it's exposed directly to the sun and little splashes of rain. 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – It is not just an "outdoor" extension cord, but it's also an indoor extension cord. It gives you the best of both worlds for the inside and outside parts of your home.
  • Triple Tap 3-Prong Outlets – Get the most out of your outlets by investing in these triple tap extension cords. Each cord will come with three angled ports allowing you to plug in all manners of items into the same cable. 

The HLO Lighting outdoor extension cord is also rated for 13 amps at 125 volts, making it ideal for nearly all your appliance and electronic component needs. 


Breathe Life to Every Moment

Outdoor extension cords help bring fun to every moment you spend with your friends and family at the heart of your home. Make every occasion special as you light up your patio lights with these extension cords. 

With the help of these durable cords, you can quickly hook up your electric barbecue grill and become an outdoor sensation! Party all night long as you blast those speakers up and groove with everyone and dance until the morning comes. Of course, with the help of none other than HLO Lighting's outdoor extension cords. 

With an outdoor extension cord, every moment spent outside is made ten times better. It creates memories that everyone will never forget. Mind you, maybe your neighbors would like to join the fun as well. 

It's Great for the Holidays 

If you want to transform your home into a Christmas haven filled with myriads of light decors, gift boxes that jump around, and dancing reindeers, an outdoor extension cord will help you out with that. Make sure to grab the 50-foot variant for this application so you can wrap it everywhere around your home with ease.

Are you the future king of holiday displays? Get the 25-foot variant and set up your mangers, pumpkins, inflatable snowmen, and more. Pair it with various light decors with different light colors and designs that will make the scenery even more magical. 

Your neighbor will surely look at your decorated home in awe. With outdoor extension cords, you can make holidays a whole lot better and much colorful.


No Time to Waste, Get Yours Now

There's no better time to get your very own HLO Lighting outdoor extension cords than now. Hurry up and stay ahead of the crowd while supplies last. Always remember, it's not just the outdoor extension cords that will make every moment a treasure to cherish. But it's also the memories and fun you created together with your loved ones as they happen. 

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