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Create Atmosphere to Your Filming Projects with HLO Lighting

by Ashton Kennedy 18 Jun 2020

Atmosphere plays a vital role in films. Be it blockbusters, indie films, or just a project that you are required to pass at school. And to create an atmosphere, it needs the proper lighting that sets the ambiance of the set.

And no, we are not talking about set lighting that comes in large sizes. We are talking about normal lights that add to the aesthetics of the scene. This means various lights such as decorative lights, patio lights, and the like that we usually see in our homes.

If you love binge-watching romantic movies, you often see decorative lights or patio lights being plastered all over the set. This creates a nice boken effect in the camera, especially if the focus is on the characters of the scene. It’s most evident on prom scenes where everyone is dancing and the main characters are starting to kiss in a slow-motion manner.

Other instances are horror movies, where there is minimal lighting on the set to make it look creepier. Aside from ceiling lights, some horror movies make use of LED filament bulbs because of their dimmable capabilities.

You see, light ambiance does indeed help directors in achieving their vision for the film. Not just the cast, the story, or musical score, but also the lighting of the scenes as well. And if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, then HLO Lighting is your best friend for all your lighting needs.

Different Light Products for Different Types of Films

Do keep in mind that this doesn’t only apply to high production films, but also smaller projects as well. Even if you’re just a student that stumbled upon this article and has a film to submit then you have come to the right place.

So what do we have here at HLO Lighting? Lots of lights! Ranging from patio lights with LED filament bulbs down to decorative ones, you will enjoy spending your time browsing here on the site.

Want to create an eerie horror film? Then look no further with our LED filament bulbs. Thanks to its omnidirectional lighting and dimmable feature, setting the mood for your horror film is just one filament bulb away.

If you’re more of the romantic type and want to create a film with lots of dancing under the bright lights or so, then we have the patio lights just for that. Not to mention, these patio lights are also a great option for love scenes as well.

Fancy doing a drama film?Mini string lights are what you need. Imagine there’s a part of your script where two lovers are starting to fight and bawl their eyes out. With the help of mini lights in the background, it will increase the mood of that scene to make it more emotional. Fun fact: Aside from a very dramatic musical score, did you know that lights also help create a feeling of sadness in drama films?

Whatever type of film you plan to make, there’s always a product that suits just for you with HLO Lighting. Take your time to explore our vast catalog of lighting products and let your creativity take over. We never know, maybe you’ll come up with something unique just by using our light products.

HLO Lighting Delivers Only the Best for Film Junkies Like You

Your search for the perfect lighting for your film project is finally over with HLO Lighting. Not only will you get a wide range of lights to choose from, but also other benefits too such as:

Durable products – all our lights and accessories here at HLO Lighting are built with durability in mind. We never compromise in making our products because we believe that every consumer should get the most top-notch quality lights that are worth every penny they spend for. And don’t just take our word for it, but you need to try them out and see for yourself.

Affordability at its finest – our competitors love to do some marketing trickery to entice customers to pay lights that aren’t worth the price tag. We never do that here at HLO Lighting. All our products come at reasonable prices without charging you like royalties.

Reliable customer support we cannot please everyone. So if ever there is a customer that would like to return the item, we will be glad to assist them. You can contact us via our hotline numbers or through our social media pages in case you have any concerns regarding our products.

With these three factors in mind, you can say that our company strives hard just to deliver what’s best for you. So jot down HLO Lighting on your project notes right now and send it to your production team. HLO Lighting is the only place to keep your lighting woes at bay. Now you can create atmospheric and awe-inspiring films with the help of our products.

Let Your Creative Mind Shine with HLO Lighting

Filmmakers are one of the creative types of people. They love to experiment with things that will make their film shine with uniqueness and symbolism. And for them to do this, they make use of lights aside from the camera angles and set pieces.

And for aspiring filmmakers such as you, let your creativity do the talking when it comes to setting up the mood of your film project. Of course, you can do what easily with our products here at HLO Lighting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match things as you see fit. Try to go beyond the limits instead of sticking to the norm of film making. It’s a vast world of ideas out there and you just have to explore it to create the perfect formula of what makes a film with the help of lights.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at HLO Lighting for your upcoming film project’s lighting needs. You can never go wrong if you choose HLO Lighting over our competitors. The whole production will thank you later and that is a sure guarantee.

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