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Taking the Hassle Away of Holiday Lighting Decor with Vampire Plugs

by Ashton Kennedy 20 Jun 2020

The Christmas season is the most beautiful time of the year. And what better way to celebrate it is by bombarding our homes with lights. Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Those blinking and dancing lights add to the atmosphere of an already chilly season.

This is the time where we rush into the attic and look for those Christmas lights we have put away into boxes for the entire year. However, some of them may not be working anymore. Busted bulbs, broken plugs, it feels like Christmas is doomed.

But luckily, HLO Lighting has got you covered. If you have been taking your time in browsing our site, you must have come across vampire plugs, which are also known as “Gilbert” plugs. You might be wondering, what and how can you use these kind of plugs? And this is why you are here in this article today.

Below, let’s tackle what vampire plugs are all about and how it takes away the hassle of light decor. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Everything You Need to Know About Vampire Plugs

This tiny little plug is the unsung hero for all your Christmas lighting needs. If you want to be creative by creating your own Christmas light decor from scratch, or just replace those broken plugs you currently have, vampire plugs are what you need.

With vampire plugs, you can quickly build your own Christmas lighting as long as you have the proper materials. You can also revive those busted wiring of the C7 or C9 light decor you have with a vampire plug. It is your handy little companion that will make your Christmas lights less of a chore.

Vampire plugs are small, lightweight, easy to use, affordable, and gives a hassle-free experience of building a DIY light decor. The housing of the plug is made from plastic. This is paired with a slide-on covering to protect the inside.

Using Vampire Plugs

Building your own light decorations from scratch is a piece of cake with vampire plugs. Using vampire plugs don’t make much of a learning curve. In fact, it won’t even take more than 3 minutes to do so. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use vampire plugs.

Materials needed:

SPT-1 or SPT-2 wire (depending on your needs)

Vampire plug

Wire cutter

But before we begin, do keep in mind that the SPT rating of the wire you will be using is important. If you are building your decoration that is mainly used indoors, then an SPT-1 wire should be enough. However, if you’re going to use it for outdoor purposes, then opt for the SPT-2.

The SPT-2 wire has a thicker insulation making it withstand different kinds of weather conditions. The importance of choosing the right SPT wire should never be overlooked because there are different kinds of vampire plugs depending on the SPT wire that you should use. To sum it up, ensure that the vampire plug you have matches with your SPT wire, so it will fit perfectly and ease out the process.

Using the wire cutter, cut between the SPT wire by about ¼ of an inch.

The wire has two sides; the smooth and ribbed one. Locate the ribbed portion of the wire.

Connect the ribbed side of the wire into the larger blade of the vampire plug.

Keep pushing inwards until the wire will be down as further as possible into the vertical channel.

Once done, arrange the wire by lying it down on to the left side where the hole is.

Cover the plug using the slide-on cover and make sure that it is tight and secure.

Done! Your wire is now ready to use for all your holiday lighting needs.

In just seven simple steps, creating your own light decor or replacing a broken plug is just like a walk in the park with the help of vampire plugs. There’s no need to call an electrical technician just to help you out as long as you have the right tools to begin with.

And before we forgot, there are two types of vampire plugs; male and female. But the process of both of these plug variants is just the same. So if you have a male or female vampire plug, the steps above will work either way.

Get Your Vampire Plugs Here at HLO Lighting

There’s no better place to get your vampire plugs none other than HLO Lighting. We have male and female vampire plugs in stock that come at an affordable price. As a bonus, you will get free shipping when you order from us. And this is not only applicable to vampire plugs, but also to our other products as well.

And while you’re at it, feel free to take a look around and explore our vast catalog of holiday lights and accessories. Whether you’re looking for ready-made holiday lights or looking for accessories for your DIY needs, HLO Lighting has got what you need.

We guarantee to you that all our products here at HLO Lighting are 100% authentic and made with durability and affordability in mind. So rest assured that whatever you order here in our site, you can feel the uncompromising quality of our products as soon as it reaches your front door.

But do keep in mind that shipping time may vary on where you live. And considering the global pandemic that is still ongoing at the moment, there may be delays in the shipping time of your ordered products. But fret not because we are working hard as a team so that your products will get to you in no time.


We hope this article helped you enlighten about vampire plugs and how to use them. With its small form factor and less complicated setup, vampire plugs are here to save the day for all your holiday needs. So what are you waiting for? Order our vampire plugs here at HLO Lighting today.

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